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🔥 Logfire - Logging LLM Input/Output

Logfire is open Source Observability & Analytics for LLM Apps Detailed production traces and a granular view on quality, cost and latency


We want to learn how we can make the callbacks better! Meet the LiteLLM founders or join our discord


Ensure you have installed the following packages to use this integration

pip install litellm

pip install opentelemetry-api==1.25.0
pip install opentelemetry-sdk==1.25.0
pip install opentelemetry-exporter-otlp==1.25.0

Quick Start

Get your Logfire token from Logfire

litellm.callbacks = ["logfire"]
# pip install logfire
import litellm
import os

# from
os.environ["LOGFIRE_TOKEN"] = ""

# LLM API Keys

# set logfire as a callback, litellm will send the data to logfire
litellm.success_callback = ["logfire"]

# openai call
response = litellm.completion(
{"role": "user", "content": "Hi 👋 - i'm openai"}

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