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Contributing to Documentation

This website is built using Docusaurus 2, a modern static website generator.

Clone litellm

git clone

Local setup for locally running docs


npm install --global yarn

Local Development

cd docs/my-website

Let's Install requirement


Run website

yarn start

Open docs here: http://localhost:3000/

This command builds your Markdown files into HTML and starts a development server to browse your documentation. Open up []( in your web browser to see your documentation. You can make changes to your Markdown files and your docs will automatically rebuild.

[Full tutorial here](

### Making changes to Docs
- All the docs are placed under the `docs` directory
- If you are adding a new `.md` file or editing the hierarchy edit `mkdocs.yml` in the root of the project
- After testing your changes, make a change to the `main` branch of [](